Considering working with a health coach?  Read Robyn Albaum’s reviews to learn what makes her unique and why her clients have been so successful.

Belva G. from Charlotte, NC makes life altering changes…

What issues did you want to address with health coaching?

“I wanted the opportunity to have the best chance of beating a cancer diagnosis.  That meant understanding and changing my attitudes around relationships, food and holistic medicines – just a few critical elements of the discipline of health coaching.”

How did Robyn help you address/overcome them?

“Robyn took the time to thoroughly explain new approaches; the whys and the science of why I should make a change.  I have a perspective of the dairy and meat industries that will be with me for the rest of my life.”

I successfully incorporated Almond milk into my diet; just recently went vegetarian; understood the benefits of foods like quinoa.  I had a new perspective on food.

I also added supplements to my diet such as Low Dose Naltrexone, and other immune system boosters that gained the approval of my Oncologist.

We quietly challenged the medical doctors about chemotherapy approaches and were successful in changing dosing schedules to accommodate quality of life concerns.”

What is it about her approach and methodology that worked for you?

“Her approach is easily understood; the methodology is fact based.  Robyn does a ton of research and recognizes that each patient’s needs are different and adjusts accordingly.  But her main talent is persistence; she will stick with it until you realize that YOU need to change.  That approach allows lifetime adjustments and not just temporary ones.”

Would you recommend Robyn to others?

“Absolutely.  If you want to change your life – let Robyn help you.”

Leora P. from Indian Land, SC experiences more than weight loss…

“As an ever practicing client of Robyn’s, her knack for meeting me right where I am laid a foundation of success for defeating a food addiction that I exchanged for health choices physically (I lost 50 lbs.), emotionally, and even spiritually.  Her life experience, education, and compassion make her a natural.

Hilary R. from Charlotte, NC makes important discoveries…

“Robyn and I worked together, logging in a daily food diary, looking at the foods I was and was not eating properly and came to some very good conclusions.  Ultimately, with her guidance and motivation to exercise regularly, I lost twenty-five pounds.

Robyn realized that my body was maintaining weight by eating frozen Weight Watcher’s and Lean Cuisine foods.  I now focus on eating fresh foods, including fresh and frozen vegetables and the occasional all natural fruit pop.

Keeping the food diary helped me understand the times of day I was at my most vulnerable for eating and recognizing the signs when I was full. Because I changed some of the ways I am cooking, my family has also benefited from Robyn’s work with me.”

What will your story be?

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