No Time to Cook Healthy Meals? Try these Fast Solutions!

We all have busy lives that are far more demanding than our parent’s ever experienced.  Between social media, more activities than our kids know what to do with, longer more stressful work days, and the sandwich generation (caring for aging parents while raising kids), how in the world can we fit in time for healthy cooking?  It may be an adjustment, but I promise you will soon begin to see the value it brings to you and your entire family.  And not just physically by improving health, but the emotional connection made at the dinner table, or wherever you share your meals with the one(s) you love, is priceless!

For Those Who Like to Cook, but Have No Time:

If you live alone, preparing food for one can often feel like a chore, even if you enjoy cooking.  Typically this means you’ll resort to eating whatever is convenient at the time.  Even if you are a busy couple or have a family to consider, it still can feel arduous!  But this often leads to making poor, last minute choices and the cook binge eating in the pantry, both of which can cause serious health consequences.  The answer? Cook during the weekend.  I like Sunday nights, which seem to be less hectic.  Be sure to make a batch portion that allows for 4 servings, more if you are a family.  You’ll have leftovers for lunch and can freeze others for dinner during the week or another time.  If you’re single, make this fun by inviting a few friends to share in the task, and of course make extra servings so everyone gets to share in the goodness and take something home (ask them to bring their own storage containers).  And if your friends like the idea and they host a dinner prep party at their home, you’ll get to take some leftovers yourself.  Whala!  You’ve just saved yourself time, money, and included some social interaction with the people you enjoy spending time with.  For couples or families, getting everyone engaged in the process can be a great bonding experience. Sounds like a plan, right?

Need to Keep Things Simple?

If you want to make cooking easy, there are a few options for getting better quality food into that body of yours.  Unfortunately but truly fortunately, all those frozen so-called “health conscious” meals is not one of them!  So, what can you do to make healthy meals as painless as possible?  One tip is to buy frozen veggies.  Organic is ideal, but if that’s not in your budget, that’s okay.  Second is to make cooking less complicated by grilling your meats (again, preferably organic, local and grass-fed) or fish (wild-caught, not farm raised).  In colder weather, consider investing in an indoor electric grill.  Either way, you’ll be spending less time cooking and more time enjoying healthier options than if you ordered take-out!

Order Healthy Meals Online

It didn’t take long before we began seeing healthy food delivery services pop up all over the internet. There are many to choose from, and each has their own unique benefits, but any can be the answer to eating healthier without a lot of fuss.  I’ve tried Green Chef and they are simply phenomenal!  Not only is the quality outstanding, but the ingredients are color coded for each meal, and the meals are simple and fast to prepare.  All products are organic, non-gmo, and sustainably sourced.  And…they have several menus to choose from including Paleo, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Omnivore, Carnivore, and Vegan!  Check out Green Chef ( for more information on their meal plans.

As you can see, there are several strategies for cooking healthy at home that won’t curb your style and may even make you feel vibrant again!  To find out how to incorporate other lifestyle improvements and gain greater awareness around your health plus take advantage of several other benefits, join My Health Coach Robyn today!

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