Lack of Primary Food – Is it Why You Can’t Lose Weight?

When you’ve tried everything you can think of to lose weight and it just isn’t happening, it’s frustrating.  You’ve been tested for thyroid disease (which has its own loop holes that I will address another time), been exercising, eating healthier and still nothing is really moving the needle.  In nutrition school, which also thankfully taught us about the emotional health, we learned that it’s “primary food” that feeds us, but in a much more profound way than actual food.  That’s a strong statement.  In order to paint a picture of what primary food is, let me first take you back to your childhood.  

As a child, you may remember being so caught up in a fun activity maybe playing with friends or learning to ride a bike for the first time that nothing else mattered.  An exhilarating and joyful time, when there were virtually no responsibilities other than to be a kid.  When it was time for dinner, you may have had no desire to eat.  You were so focused on whatever you were doing that it just didn’t occur to you that you needed to stop and eat to refuel!  As adults, this can also happen when we first fall in love.  Time goes by quickly, the sound of your mate’s voice is music to your ears, and life is grand.  Food, again, is not on your mind very much.  

Now if we turn that around and look at when you may have been depressed, discouraged, bored, or angry, food can become a crutch to satisfy these emotions.  It may do so temporarily through a sugar high, for example, or late night binge on chips, but in reality, you are starving.  Starving for love, admiration, respect, appreciation, and any number of things that you feel you are missing in your life.  Or, it may be a case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from a painful experience in your past.  This can be the rut that keeps you from losing weight.  Your body is far smarter than you give it credit for.  There is an innate intelligence that we’ve yet to fully understand.  If the mind decides it is not ready to lose weight, your body holds onto it to protect you, without any conscious intention on your part.  But it’s happening, and it won’t change until you are ready to address the primary food you are lacking.  

Life is worth living to the fullest.  To do so, you’ll need to dig deep into the bottom of your barrel to understand what it is that you truly crave.  Maybe you aren’t sure right now, but over time you’ll find it.  If you’d like guidance and wellness support to begin your journey, join My Health Coach Robyn and start enjoying the beauty that primary food offers all of us!

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