The Gentle Power of Homeopathy

The Gentle Power of Homeopathy

I was first introduced to homeopathy in 2002 when my immune system was in complete turmoil and no doctor could figure out what was going on.  It took 14 years, YES….14 long years to get the diagnosis of a sub-class immune deficiency.  I talk more about that, and explain what to look for in my “Get Sick Often? Stay Sick Longer? You May Be a Zebra” blog.  Check it out, you just might save yourself or someone you care about a lot of grief and suffering!  But, this article is about homeopathy and its ability to turn my health around when nothing else could and how it could help yours…even for the simplest of symptoms that require immediate treatment, like insect bites (think mosquitos or fire ants).  When I first worked with a homeopath (who was originally a pediatrician), I had no idea how it would help, but I was anxious to try it.  After three months I saw some relief, but by six months, I experienced tremendous improvement.  It felt too good to be true, but I stuck with it and I’m so glad I did!  I have since relied on homeopathy to treat a variety of symptoms for myself, my family and my clients.  For the record, I LOVE homeopathy and believe in its ability to relieve the most complex to the most simple of health conditions and complaints.  There is really nothing else like it.

The Birth of Homeopathy
To give you a little history, homeopathy was first discovered in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann in Germany.  While translating the work of another physician, Hahnemann decided to experiment using one of the drugs (Peruvian Bark) used in that research.  Much to his surprise, in a healthy person, the bark caused the symptoms of what it was intended to cure in a sick person.  His work was initially unpopular, yet his ability to treat typhus in 1812 was astounding – of the 180 he treated, only two did not survive.  Unfortunately, his success early in his career was wrought with suspicion and legal action, forcing Hahnemann to relocate several times to continue his work.  In 1831, he again experienced tremendous success treating cholera.  His homeopathic protocol produced a mortality rate of only 2 to 20 percent, while traditional medical treatments of the time had a mortality rate of more than 50 percent in St. Petersburg.  Eventually Hahnemann found a safe haven in Paris, and by the end of the 1830’s he became the most popular physician in Europe!  He passed at the age of eighty-eight and to this day, his favorite motto lives on for homeopaths worldwide (and now me!), “Aude Sapere,” or, “Dare to Know.”

What is Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is based on the simple premise of similia similibus, or “like cures like.”  They are not herbal, but rather made from a wide variety of flowers and minerals found in the earth and sea.  Infinitesimal (very small) doses are created by diluting the original substance with water thousands of times.  These incredibly small doses encourage your body to heal itself by taking a very tiny amount of the actual substance that creates the illness/condition/symptom in a healthy person, but relieves it in someone with the illness/condition/symptom; hence, “like cures like.”  It is the gentlest form of healing available, and is incredibly safe due to its minimal dosage.  They can even be taken with medications!

There are hundreds of homeopathic remedies to treat a massive array of symptoms.  From arthritis pain, to gas/bloating, to bruises, there is a remedy for just about everything you can think of.  Easy to take and easy on the taste buds, homeopathic remedies are typically tiny round pellets that taste like sugar and dissolve quickly, sublingually (under the tongue).  There are also liquid forms, but these are generally prescribed by a professional homeopath.  At the end of this article, you’ll find a list of some of the most common homeopathic remedies that you can find at The Vitamin Shoppe, online, or at EarthFare (in Charlotte, and other NC locations) or Whole Foods.  And, the best part, they are very inexpensive and can usually be purchased for $5.99-$7.99 per tube, which lasts years, unless you are taking them more regularly and are under the care of a homeopath.

How to use Homeopathic Remedies
Homeopathy is wonderful for uncovering the layers of dis-ease and you can use it to treat simple symptoms by reading the instructions on the tube (30C is the strength used for acute symptoms and is the most commonly used).  It is best to take them sublingually (under your tongue) when your mouth is clean, and at least 15 minutes before or after a meal.  Keep in mind, due to its “like cures like” effect, you may experience a brief “aggravation” of symptoms, which is actually a good thing and means the remedy chosen is correct and is working!  Boiron is the largest, most widely known and trusted brand.  To treat more complicated health issues, I highly recommend working with a professional homeopath who can guide you through the process.  I love Naomi Zeskind, a homeopath here in Charlotte.  She has an extensive background in homeopathy, works with adults and children and is incredibly compassionate.  If you’d like to connect with Naomi, please email me at and I’ll be happy to give you her contact information.  Here’s to Hahnemann and healing with homeopathy!  That’s a lot of H’s, lol…

A Few of My Favorite Homeopathic Remedies…

  1. Arnica Montana (30C) – Reduces inflammation/swelling, bruises, and trauma from injuries.  Used by athletes!
  2. Lachesis Mutus (30C) – Minimizes hot flashes associated with peri-menopause/menopause, and the #1 remedy for sore throats (the tube will say for “Hot Flashes,” but remember, remedies have multiple and sometimes hundreds of uses).
  3. Ledum Palustre (30C) – Stops itching and swelling from bug bites (mosquitos, fire ants and more).
  4. Carbo Vegetablis (30C) – Reduces abdominal bloating and gas quickly!
  5. Rhus Toxicodendron (30C) – Helps to minimize joint pain, and is also popular for treating poison ivy
  6. Hydratis Canadensis (30C) – Relieves post nasal drip by drying up excess mucus.

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