GLUTEN: The Shocking Truth! Northlake Mall Walker’s Breakfast

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Location: Northlake Mall, Food Court

Did you know there are at least 20 “known” symptoms associated with gluten intolerance?
Are you aware many doctors don’t suggest testing to find out if that’s the root cause of your health issues?
How is it possible that an estimated 60% of our population has gluten intolerance?
Could you be suffering needlessly?

Find out how and why gluten is causing SO many health problems. You’ll be shocked at the reason, but you CAN eat a healthy, and TASTY diet without feeling deprived “sans” (without) gluten!

Come to an eye-opening, interactive presentation on gluten. Bring a notebook, bring a friend, loved one, neighbor, and anyone else you think who needs to get this crucial information. It’s time to discover if gluten is the culprit, and what you can do to feel vibrant again!

* Health Coach Robyn does not diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any health condition, or disease.

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