A Different Approach

My purpose is to help you to discover your body’s cues, learn to trust what you feel (and not let anyone tell you it’s all in your head), and how to take action for optimal health.  You are not a single, squeaky violin, but rather an entire orchestra with many types of instruments that is capable of playing beautiful music when everything is in tune.  Your job is to become an amazing conductor of this fine orchestra!  And I am your teacher, guiding you to conduct the greatest concertos you’ve ever heard.  How do I do this?  I understand your desire to perform better and compel you to listen deeply with enormous compassion, intuition and interest in your entire song, not just a chord or two that doesn’t sound right. 

I promise you, it’s worth it.  In health terms, I not only show you how to pay close attention to the foods you eat, but to tune into all your primary foods®, such as your daily routine, relationships, career, exercise, self-esteem, and spirituality.  Road blocks in any of these areas often prevent us from achieving our goals for health, happiness, and fulfillment.  Together, along with learning to intuitively listen to your body by developing a keen sense of awareness, ultimate health and happiness can be yours!  The teacher is in.  The tools are here.  All you have to do is be the best student you know you can be.

There’s nothing more satisfying than to witness
those I’ve helped, help themselves.

My Journey

It all began with my own health challenges that took 13 years of learning, challenging what was considered “normal results,” and becoming my own advocate to finally get to the bottom of things! Why so long you ask? Because today, we have a doctor for everything, but no one is pulling it all together and looking for the root cause of your dis-ease. Primary Care physicians are strapped for time and haven’t had the nutritional or lifestyle training required to get your body, mind and soul in a place where you may actually begin to heal naturally. I’m here to tell you, that with a functional approach, it is possible and it’s happening every day!

For me, it’s an Immune Subclass Deficiency that I was either born with, or acquired as a child, that causes my immune system to misbehave at times. But I had no idea, and neither did a host of doctors.  With a ton of crazy, unrelated symptoms after a series of vaccinations in 2001, I was determined to make whatever changes I needed to improve my health. The more I read and learned, the more passionate I became, which led to me to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

In 2009, this Jersey-Girl transplant flew back and forth from Charlotte to New York to learn everything I could about nutrition, lifestyle choices, emotional/mental challenges, supplementation, and counseling skills. As I coached myself, I eliminated dairy and gluten which made a huge difference for me along with learning the priceless mind-body lessons I was desperately in need of. I was also fortunate enough to learn from the best and the brightest in the field; Deepak Chopra, Dr. Mark Hyman, David Wolfe, and many others on how to teach my clients to make amazing, often life-changing improvements in their health and happiness. It’s my life’s purpose.


What I’ve Learned

Awareness is key.  The first step in getting healthy is to recognize the simple law of “cause and effect.”  It sounds obvious, but we all lead busy lives which makes it very easy to neglect the signs that something is not quite right.  But by developing a keen eye and being more mindful,we can begin to better understand our own uniqueness and makethe necessary adjustments in our lifestyle that can yield dramatic results in our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
All it takes a little guidance and dedication!

My Certification

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